Fat Joe vs. Pgknows

So @fatjoe decided to sell 1800 pairs of sneakers,
and @twojkicks visited his house in Miami, picked them up, and drove to Las Vegas.

Then @twojkicks posted this photo to Instagram, and @pgknows found out they’re fake, this is also confirmed by the design @hedcheq Mark Smith himself.

@pgknows posted this to Instagram, then @fatjoe went on Instagram live, called @pgknows a sucker, and also dropped a comment under @pgknows post.

And everyone’s waiting to see a sneaker collection battle.

But don’t forget this: @fatjoe bought this fufu 8 years ago, and they never seen under 20k USD. And how @fatjoe didn’t notice it’s a fake pair. My guess is someone made really hard work on a legit pair of AF1.
Whoever this guy is, wait, how on earth you did this ‘customization’?

Link to @pgknows ‘ original post:

@twojkicks original post and reaction:

Clip of @fatjoe ‘s Instagram live: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLVZYbjA0Ec/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link