VC-15 Just Landed

Vince Carter finished his 22-year NBA career.
Due to the COVID-19, the last game he played was against New York Knicks on March 12. He had 13 minutes court time, 2-5 shoots, 1-2 three-point, 1 rebound, 4 fouls, 5 points.

When I first knew NBA in my 8th grade, Vince Carter was the first ever superstar I loved before others. The Nike Shox series were my grails…

After 22 seasons flight, Carter finally landed. I will miss that Carter on the court. And I hope he can create an Instagram account, so at least I can see him somewhere.

P.S. The picture is photoshopped on Air Canada 849, a Boeing 787-9 aircraft, with reference of the famous Boeing VC-25.