Nike Space Hippie


This Thursday June 11,⁣
Nike is going to release the Space Hippie collection
⁣— their latest sneakers made from the trash, no cap.⁣⁣

Before talking about the shoes,⁣
“Nike Considered” should be mentioned,⁣
a sustainable line of shoes introduced by Nike. ⁣
According to Andras Harlow, designer in the team by that time,⁣
Nike Considered project can be dated back to circa 1995.⁣⁣

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe:

Nike Considered:

Although the “Nike Considered” hasn’t been so familiar for most customers,
⁣Nike’s efforts to be environmentally friendly have long been its significant trait.

⁣⁣This time, Nike takes an initiative to break its own record,⁣
and created the lowest carbon footprint shoes ever.⁣⁣

Watch the video “Space Hippie: These Nike Sneakers are Trash”⁣via link in bio.

⁣⁣Photos: ⁣@Nike ⁣⁣

Space Hippie⁣
Nike, 2020⁣

Behind the Design: An Interview with Nike’s Sustainable Design Lead on the Space Hippie Sneaker
⁣Allison Fonder/Core 77, 2020⁣⁣

Nike Considered Sneakers⁣
Sneaker Freaker, 2006⁣⁣

Nike Considered⁣