Architect Your Ideas

我昨天在 YouTube 看了一部名为「Virgil Abloh: How Kanye’s Apprentice Stole His Dream Job」的视频,它讲述了 Virgil 的个人历程,从学习建筑接触到了 Photoshop,开始自己设计 T-shirt 图案,后被 T-shirt 印刷店老板推荐给了 Kanye,从此得到了展现他才能的平台。并一步一步地走到了 Louis Vuitton 男装部创意总监的位置。

影片本身很值得看,下面这个截图来自一次对 Kanye 的采访,当中他评价了 Virgil 总是能够在恰当的位置加入刚好合适的 idea,并且可以执行得很好。我对这句话的感触很深。


创意来源于我们生活的各处 — 你每天接触的事物,阅览的信息,经过的道路……

The screenshots below are from a video on YouTube — Virgil Abloh: How Kanye’s Apprentice Stole His Dream Job.

It explains what’s really valuable regarding creative works, that many people have good ideas, while only a few of them can put them through.

When you get good ideas from your daily routines — the objects you in contact with, the information you process, the streets you pass by, and so on — try to architect them, so when you talk to someone about your ideas, you can at least let them understand your vision in a short time. And don’t limit yourself to the ideas itself, think about how to realize them, that’s the most important.