Nike x OFF-WHITE Waffle Racer

竟然在 Nike x OFF-WHITE 系列中也有冷门款,发售几个月之后 Nike 官网还有全码,甚至在 StockX 上低于发售价。Waffle Racer 是一款颜值在线的复古跑鞋,而 Virgil 加入反光绑带、塑料外衣,又给外观混入了不少现代风格,很适合现在的街头穿搭。如果购买,建议码数比平常大 0.5~1 码。

Well, I’m surprised that Nike x OFF-WHITE collaboration finally got a model that’s not sold out instantly. Still full size run on Nike, and even below retail on StockX. The Waffle Racer has a pretty nice appearance — the vintage look mixed with reflective hiking lacing system, plus the netted plastic skin, gives the sneakers extra characteristics to today’s outfit.