New Balance 992 元祖灰

首发于 2006 年的 New Balance 992 元祖灰终于复刻了,复古跑鞋爱好者对「元祖灰」的执念再次得到了回报。欧洲原定 1 月 15 日发售,至今一个星期过去了还没见发售消息,看来还要耐心等会。

Debuted in 2006, the New Balance 992 Classic Grey finally comes back after 14 years. The planned release date is January 15th, but it has delayed for a week till now. We’ve waited for 14 years, it’s all right to wait for another few more days.

New Balance 992 ‘Think Different’
for Steve Jobs
More limited edition featured with USA flag on the tongue