Converse Pro Leather OG 2019 复刻

高三我买了一双 Converse Pro Star,当时就很喜欢很有辨识度的 Logo。2019 年 12 月底 Converse 复刻了 Pro Leather 几款配色,为了给情怀买单,便购入了一双黑色。

Pro Leather 首发于 1976 年,这次复刻包括了黑色、红色、北卡蓝,定价很亲民。外观细节很大程度还原了元年,鞋型瘦长。我 Chuck Taylor 是 42 码,而这双鞋我无意中买了 44 码,竟然不是很大,有 1.5 根手指的空间,穿一双厚棉袜的话就差不多了。

When I was at 12th grade in high school, I bought a pair of Converse Pro Star. Unlike the Chuck Taylor, there’s an identical logo on Pro Star. In December 2019, Converse brought back the Pro Leather basketball shoes, I bought a pair to cherish my memories.

Debuted in 1976, the retro after 43 years kept most of the original details. Besides the Black colorway I bought, Red and UNC colorways are also available. The fit of Pro Leather is very slim. I’m using size 42 in Chuck Taylor – or US9 in most Nike’s sneakers, the size 44 Pro Leather will fit me just fine when I wear a pair of thick cotton socks.

1981 年魔术师约翰逊 Game Worn 并且亲签的 Converse Pro Leather
拍卖于 2019 年 4 月 27 日结束,以 $9113 美金成交
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1980-83 J博士 Game Worn 并且亲签的 Converse Pro Leather
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1983年 UNC 时期迈克尔乔丹 Game Worn 并且亲签的 Converse Pro Leather
乔丹曾穿这款鞋带领 UNC 取得 NCAA 冠军
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